Title of DIY form showing incorrectly when posted on Facebook

When we post a link to a DIY page on Facebook it shows the previous title of the page.
Facebook will cache (save) the previous title of the webpage that you share and continue to use that each time you post the same link. There are a couple ways to get around this if you want Facebook to show the current title of the page. In both of these solutions, you will need to delete the original post with the old title first as we are unable to control how Facebook caches that information.
  1. Use the sharing links at the bottom of the DIY form to share on Facebook. When you use that method to post, it will always use the most current title of the page. Please note these social media sharing links do not appear for embedded forms. sharing buttons
  2. When you make a change to the title, change the ending of the URL at the same time. Facebook will recognize that as a brand new page and will use the current title when you post directly in Facebook.



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