1. If the batch template is not already created, go to Batch> New Batch
  2. In the Gift Batch Setup window, select the Fields tab to add/remove columns as needed
  3. On the Defaults tab, add any default fields for all gifts that would be downloaded from Online Express
    • For example, if you'd like to set a default Campaign for all of the gifts, select that default Campaign here
  4. Save the batch
  5. In Online Express, click the Download Transactions button
  6. In the Download Transactions window, select Tools> Transaction Options
  7. Select the option Create a new batch and use existing batch below for default fields and values
  8. Search for the desired batch 
  9. Click OK
Note: This can also be changed during Bulk Processing on the Options tab: Batch Options - Bulk Processing

For more information on the other options available, see How to process transactions one at a time from Online Express and add them to the same batch in The Raiser's Edge.