A ping test, in regards to the Raiser's Edge Luminate Online integration, tests a local install of Blackbaud Web Services and it's responsiveness to the Luminate Online Service Bus. Use the following steps to complete a ping test:

1. Navigate to Raiser's Edge and select the RELO plugin
2. Select the Options Button and click the About link
3. Copy the GUID, highlighted in the example below, NOTE your organization will have your own unique GUID:

4. Copy the unique GUID from step 3 and replace in the following URL where "GUID" is: https://re-luminate.servicebus.windows.net/GUID/Rest/Ping?value=SUCCESS
    a. Example: https://re-luminate.servicebus.windows.net/c2223eb7-ee59-40d4-a922-10913702db30/Rest/Ping?value=SUCCESS
5. Copy the URL above with your unique GUID and test in a browser. A successful ping will return the text "SUCCESS" on the webpage. Note, you must test the URL on the machine where web services is installed, this test will not work on any other machine

If the above test is unsuccessful attempt the following additional steps:

Confirm that the GUID in step 3 above mirrors the "Extension" value in the Web Service configuration file:
1. Navigate to the following location where web services is installed (NOTE: Web Services must only be installed in only one location, multiple locations will cause the integration to fail) C:\Program Files (x86)\Blackbaud\Web Services
2. In the Web Services folder, look for the  Blackbaud.WebServices.ServiceHost.exe.config file
3. Right click on it, and choose to Open With Notepad
4. Look for the following line and compare the GUID: <add key="Extension" value="285c58c8-c837-4af4-bfde-1e5de01333c0" />
5. Confirm the following line is also present, this verifies the RELO integration is present and turned on: <service name="Blackbaud.WebServices.ServiceLibrary.RE.LO.LoService" behaviorConfiguration="BlackbaudServiceBehavior" />

Confirm there are no issues with firewall or blocked ports
       Stop Blackbaud Web Services
2.       Go to the Web Services directory and start Blackbaud.Webservices.servicehost.exe
3.       The service host is the  executable which hosts all RE based Web Services i.e. RELO, Mobile, etc. when you run it directly  as opposed to running under a service you can see some errors and even incoming and outgoing calls being made from LO.
After a few seconds it should show something like below:
All incoming Web Service calls whether they are directed at RELO or a different service are shown there. However, if there is a connectivity error instead of it saying “Luminate Integration Service is now running” you may get an error similar to below and maybe a crash.
This indicates that an outbound port is probably blocked. For example, if the outbound ports to the Azure Service Bus Relay are blocked (9350-9354), then the Windows service itself won’t start. Users should work with their IT to confirm no firewall or blocked ports and preventing the integration from working successfully.