To add an additional contract based on an Altru template:
  1.  Altru allows for only one contract to be displayed on the reservation page, so to save the existing contract on the Group Sales reservation, you first need to click on the dropdown icon next to Contract in the Amounts and Due Dates panel. Click on the name of the contract to download it. Save it on your computer.                       User-added image
  2. Then, click Go to documentation under the Tasks section of the Explorer bar.                      User-added image
  3. On the Documentation page, click on Add and then select Attachment.
  4. On the Add an attachment window, select the type of document, and enter an appropriate title that will help you identify this document. Click Choose file to select and upload the file you just downloaded and saved. Click Save. User-added image
  5.  You can now delete the original document that is connected to the reservation page. You must do this if you want to upload a new document to the reservation page. Click Delete. In the pop up, confirm that you want to delete this attachment. User-added image
  6. Confirm that the documentation page now displays only the attachment you uploaded in Step 4. Click the name of the reservation to go back to the reservation page.                                   User-added image
  7. On the reservation page use the drop down icon next to Contract within the Amounts and due dates panel. Click Create contract.User-added image
  8. In the Create contract window enter a name that identifies this new contract. Select the Contract template and the Attachment type. Check the box to mark the contract sent. Click Save to generate the new contract document. User-added image
  9. The new contract is now attached to the reservation.
  10. On the documentation page, you will see both of the contract documents displayed. User-added image