please ensure Aatrix forms is installed

Users getting error message "Please ensure Aatrix forms is installed" when running 1099's

Locally installed clients only
1. Confirm that State and Federal Tax Reports has been installed by going to control panel, Programs, and ensuring it's there

2. Confirm the registry key for Aatrix Has Not been installed by:

A. Typing regedit in the start menu



D. Wow6432Node

E. Blackbaud

F. Then, select FE7Install

3. Create a new registry key by right-clicking in the empty space, selecting new string value and entering AAtrixFolder

4. Right-clicking on the new registry key, selecting to modify data and enter C:\Program Files (x86)\Blackbaud\The Financial Edge\AAtrix

This should allow them to run without generating the error


Steps to Duplicate

Go to:

1. mail

2. forms

3. 1099's

4. select new parameter

5. Display report


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