Process returning zero results

Users may find that their Processes (Post to GL, Receipt Process, etc.) are suddenly returning zero results.
This issue typically denotes that a previous user recently had their system roles removed or changed. You can resolve this issue by switching the ownership of the business process to an alternate System Administration user. To accomplish this task follow the steps below:

1. From Administration, click Business processes. The Business Processes page appears.

2. On the Business Processes tab, to edit the owner for a single business process, select a process in the grid and click Edit owner under the business process. To edit multiple processes at one time, select each process and click Edit owner above the grid. Or, to edit all processes at one time, select the checkbox next to the column names at the top of the grid, and click Edit owner.

3. The Edit business process owner screen appears

4. The business processes you previously selected appears in the grid. In the Select a new owner for these business processes field, click the search button and use the Application User Search screen to search for a different owner.

Warning: The new business owner you select is applied to all business processes that display on the Edit screen. A business process may have only one owner at a time. Note that security permissions for the business process owner may determine which records are processed when a business process runs.

5. After you select an application user as the new business process owner, click Save. You return to the Business Processes tab.

Steps to Duplicate

1) Select the Administration tab
2) Click the Business processes link
3) Under the Business Process tab select a Business Process
4) Click run process
5) Note that the process returns zero results


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