Why did my organization received a failure notification email, but the donation is approved in BBMS?

In the event that BBMS experiences an error or temporary outage when the donor submits their online donation, the organization may receive an email indicating that the donation failed with the eTapestry Message "27 - An unknown error occurred while trying to process the submission." In addition, there is no gift entry in eTapestry for the donation. However, the donor's credit card shows a charge for the donation and the charge shows in the BBMS portal as coming from eTapestry.
First, ensure the gift entry is not already in the database by following the steps in the article How to search for specific donations If it is still not found but the gift is confirmed to be processed by BBMS or another processor, you will need to manually create the gift entry.

If you have any questions about this, please contact support.



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