Memberships Cannot be Renewed for Active Members

If a member tries to add another membership before the expiration date (but still in the renewal period) it throws an error. If a user tries to add another membership after the expiration date (but still within the lapse period) it does not throw an error and allows the membership to be added. 
This was originally reported and duplicated in SP11, but could no longer be duplicated in SP13.  While no code changes were filed for this specific issue, it is not currently being investigated because it can no longer be duplicated.  If you are still experiencing this issue after upgrading to SP13, create a support case to evaluate specific steps and membership configurations that lead to duplicating the issue.  

Steps to Duplicate

Steps to duplicate: 

1. Have an active annual one time payment membership in CRM on any user
2. As that user attempt to purchase another annual one time payment membership (Before the expiration date, but still within the renewal period) through BBIS membership form. 
3. Notice the error: "You cannot add this item to your shopping cart. You cannot add a membership or membership renewal to a cart twice, and you cannot add a membership if you already are a member."


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