As an Admissions Manager:
  1. Navigate to Enrollment Management
  2. Admissions > Select Admissions Setup  > Select Checklists 
  3. Select Edit to the right of the preferred Checklist.
  4. Add or edit the Step that will be used to allow Candidates to upload Test Scores.
  5. From the Type drop drop-down, select "Test."
  6. If not already done, enter the Name, Due Date, Reminder, Staff, and whether or not this step is Required.
  7. Under and to the right of  Candidate Publishing Options, toggle to YES.
  8. Enter Name/Description/Link and/or File Information.
  9. Set Allow Upload to YES.
  10. Select Save

This will then allow Candidates to see this step (via the Candidate Publishing Options: YES) and upload their Test Score information (per Allow Upload: YES). Once processed, this will tie to the Test Scores section of the Candidate Admissions Profile, under the Record tab.  


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