Ensure your Event is on-sale:
  1. ​Select the Events tab > Click Program Search > Find your program and double click its name
  2. Click the On-Sale tab. Ensure the one sale period for your event coincides with they day you want to start selling tickets
  3. Click the Event List tab
  4. Click the Chevron next to the Event in question, then click Edit
  5. Ensure that the event's on-sale period is on or before the current date and time
Check that they are approved for the Web:
  1. Select the Web tab
  2. Click Manage Program forms for Scheduled Programs, Click Manage Event registrations for pre-registered scheduled events
  3. Search for your program/event
  4. Click the chevron next to the event/program in question, then click Approve for website

Ensure that your event falls within your webform on-sale period:
  1. Select the Web tab
  2. For scheduled events:
    • Click Manage Program forms
    • Click Online Settings for tickets
    • Ensure your event's date is within the number of days listed in the On-Sale Period field 
  3. For programs that require registration: 
  • Click Manage Event Registrations
  • Find your event's in question
  • Click the chevron to the left of your event, then click Options.
  • Ensure your event's date is within the number of days listed in On-Sale Period field

Ensure that there are no filters on your webform page
  1. Go to Web > Manage Program Forms
  2. Ensure there is no text in the yellow filters box and all dates is selected
  • If there is text/a date range in this box, click the Reset button
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  • If you'd like to search for your event, select the proper date range and click apply
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