First make sure that the membership has levels missing are higher in the membership level hierarchy than the patron's current membership level
  1. Click memberships > click on the name of the membership
  2. Click on the terms and levels tab
  3. Membership levels at the top of the list are the lowest in the hierarchy. Make sure there are membership levels below the patron's current membership level on the list
Check the Patron's membership record for issued membership cards
  1. Go to the patron's membership record 
  2. Go to the Member cards section and check the status of each Member card
  3. If there is a card there with a status of issued delete the card
    1. Click the drop down arrow next to the card and look at the card status
  4. After deleting all of the issued cards go back to sales > daily sales and type in the patron's name. Then click on the mid term upgrade button and see if the missing membership levels show