This will be down to how your Constituent Matching is handled in the EveryDayHero plugin settings. The plugin uses exact matching with the option to create a constituent record if one cannot be found during the import process. If you do not select the option to 'Add a constituent if no match is found' and no match is found, you will get this exception.

Due to the matching criteria being exact, you may already have a constituent in the database which is a partial match to the constituent you are importing but the plugin will not detect that constituent. In that case, you should edit the constituent record in The Raiser's Edge to make sure that it matches the information that you are importing (determined by your matching criteria in the EveryDayHero Plugin).

For example, you will get this exception if the following happens:
  • Constituent Matching in the plugin is set to look at Sur/Org Name & Postcode with the option 'Add a constituent if no match is found' unselected
  • The import file contains the surname Doe with the postcode of G22LW
  • The Raiser's Edge record contains the surname of Doe with no postcode on the record
In the above scenario, you will get the exception 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object.'.

It is possible that the information selected for Exact Match might be partially matching with another record in the database. To resolve this:
  • Add ConstID to the Import File

We are working with our products team to look into the option in the future to make this exception more detailed to the problem.