This error correlates with how Constituent Matching is handled in the everydayhero plugin settings. The plugin uses exact matching with the option to create a constituent record if one cannot be found during the import process. If the option to 'Add a constituent if no match is found' is not marked, and no match is found, this can trigger the exception.

Due to the matching criteria being exact, there may already be a constituent in the database which is a partial match to the constituent you are importing but the plugin will not detect that constituent. In that case, you may either edit the constituent record in the Raiser's Edge to match the information that you are importing, or unmark some of the matching criteria in the plugin, as it will try to match every single criteria, and if one fails, the entire match fails.

For example, the exception will trigger in the following scenario:
  • Constituent Matching in the plugin is set to look at Last/Org Name & ZIP with the option 'Add a constituent if no match is found' unmarked
  • The import file contains the Last Name Doe with the postcode of 12345
  • The Raiser's Edge record contains the Last Name of Doe, but there is no ZIP code on the record
It is possible that the information selected for Exact Match is partially matching with another record in the database. To resolve:
  • Open the Exceptions file that is created
  • Manually add the ConsID to the donor or the fundraiser that this transaction should be linked to
  • Save the file, and re-import it