1. From the Program Record, Navigate to the Registration information tab
  2. Under Registration information, click Add > Question. The Add a question screen appears.
  3. Select the Registration Section in the dropdown
    • Note: To add a new registration section, type the new section and press the tab key on your keyboard. We will select Yes to add this as a new code table entry.
  4. Select the Registration Question in the drop down or Click the add a new question button (If selecting an existing question, please skip to step 5)
    1. In Field name, enter the name of the field.
    2. In Field type, select the type of field it is. For example, if you select Dropdown list, you can enter the dropdown options in the Option grid that appears.
    3. If you want this question to be available for the web, select Show online and enter what you text you want to appear on the web, in the Web text field
    4. If you do not want this question to appear for all price types, clear the Show for all price types checkbox, and in the Price type grid, enter the price types for it
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  1. Save
Using Registration Information in Altru Preregistered Programs