1. Select the Analysis tab > click Information Library > Click Add an ad-hoc query
  2. Choose the source view Memberships and click OK. 
  3. From the left hand side, highlight Membership Transaction. From the middle drag Transaction Date into the top right field labeled Include Records where. Set this to any date range you want. Do not include this field if you want to pull gifted memberships from any time. 
  4. From the left expand Membership Transaction and highlight Given By. From the middle drag Name into Include Records Where, and change Equal To to Not Blank. Drag this field again into the bottom right field labeled Results fields to display. 
  5. All of the contact information of the Giver can now be found within the Given By node. The most commonly used contact information nodes used here are Given By/Email, Given By/ Address (Primary), and Given By/ Phone. 
  6. If you want the recipients name as well, expand the Members node and highlight the Constituent node. From the middle drag Name into results fields to display.