Currently, the Reminders process in Marketing and Communications will only invoice pledges that have past due balance. To invoice pledges that have an upcoming due date, we will use the Appeal Mailing process in Marketing and Communications. 

Step 1: Build a query of Constituents with an Upcoming Pledge Balance
  1. From Analysis, Click Information Library, Add an Ad-hoc query > Select the source view of Constituents and click OK
    • Note: A constituents source view must be used to use the selection in our Appeal Mailing
  2. On the left select Revenue, From the middle drag Transaction Type to Include records where. Set this equal to Pledge
  3. From the middle column, drag Pledge/Grant award balance to Include records where. Set this to be greater than 0.
  4. From the middle column, drag  Pledge\Grand award next installment date is next month
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  1. On the Set Save Options Tab, Name your query and mark the box Create a Selection
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  1. Save and Close
​Step 2: Create an Appeal Mailing
  1. From Marketing and Communications, click Appeal Mailings > Add
  2. Under General information, enter a unique name and description to help identify the mailing
  3. In the Mail date field, select the date you plan to send the mailing to its recipients
  4. Search for and select the appeal that the mailing supports, or add the appeal if necessary
  5. In the Processing options field, select the address processing option to use with the constituent addresses included in the mailing
  6. In the Name format field, select the option to use to determine the addressees and salutations to use with the constituents included in the mailing
  7. Under Household options, select whether to send only one letter to a household with multiple recipients or to send a letter to each applicable member of the household
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  1. Click Next. The Create your letters options appear
  2. Select whether to use a new or existing letter with the mailing
    • To create a new letter, enter a unique name to help identify the letter
    • To use an existing letter, click Use previous letter and search for and select the letter to use
  3. Under Letter recipients, the selections of constituents to receive the selected letter appear. For a new letter, click Add and select its recipients. To adjust the recipients for an existing letter, click Edit
  4. The program automatically excludes deceased constituents from the mailing. Select whether to include inactive constituents, such as to engage with lapsed donors
  5. Under Exclude constituents based on the following, the default communication exclusions for your organization appear. Edit the exclusion criteria for the letter as necessary
    • To edit the criteria of the recipients excluded based on communication and revenue activity, click Edit for Recent activity.
    • To edit the criteria of the recipients excluded based on solicit codes or constituent selection, click Edit for Solicit codes and selections.
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  1. Scroll down to view the Letter content options. Select whether to merge the mailing's recipient information with a letter or export the recipient information as a comma-separated values (*.CSV) file
    • If you print your letters in-house, select Merge recipient information with a letter.
    • If you use a mail house for the mailing, or want to write your letters with another program such as Microsoft Word, select Export a .CSV file of the recipient information.
  2. If you select Merge recipient information with a letter, select whether to send the letter through the mail, email, or both
    1. If you select Mail and Email, recipients receive the letter through a channel based on their communication preferences
  3. Under Select recipient information to use to personalize your letter, select the merge fields to use with your letter
    • Note: To add Merge fields to pull the next installment date, next installment amount, and overall pledge balance follow the steps below
    1. Select Edit
    2. Under Browse for fields in, Expand Constituent Marketing Information, Expand Constituent, Select Revenue
    3. From the middle, Drag Pledge/Grant award balance to Selected Fields
    4. In the Export Criteria Screen, Filter on Selected Revenue
      1. Drag Transaction Type to Include Records where and Set equal to Pledge
      2. Drag Pledge/Grant award next installment due date to Include records where and is Next Month
      3. Click OK
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  1. On the left expand Revenue, Select Pledge Installments. From the middle drag Amount to Selected Fields
  2. In the Export Criteria Screen, Filter on Selected Pledge Installments
    1. On the left, Drag Date to Include records where. Set is Next Month > Click OK
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  1. From the middle drag Date to Selected Fields
  2. Highlight each of these fields and use the pencil to uniquely name them
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  1. If you select Merge recipient information with a letter, click Add under Write your letter’s content
  2. After you add all letters to use with the mailing, click Next. The Finish up options appear
  3. Click Finish and close. The record of the mailing appears. Run the mailing.
Step 3: To run the mailing in future months
  1. From Marketing and Communications > Select Appeal Mailings
  2. Select the arrows to the left of your Appeal Mailing > Select Copy
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  1. You can Edit the title of the Appeal Mailing, Make any changes, and Send tyour letter