Step 1: Create Smart Field
  1. Select the Administration tab > Click Smart Fields > Click Add > Double Click Constituent Revenue Amount
  2. In the General Tab, name your query and give it a description if you wish. 
  3. In the Parameters tab, for Value to Return, choose Largest Gift Amount. 
  4. Set the time range to whatever you want it to be. Leaving this field blank will have the smart field calculating over all dates. 
  5. In the Revenue Types section, choose all the types of revenue that you will consider for your Largest Gift. 
  6. If you are only concerned about gifts towards a particular designation, do so by adding the qualifying desingations in the designation table at the bottom of this window. 
  7. Click Save. 
  8. Click the name of your smart field in the list of smart fields, then click Start Process. 
Step 2: Add Smart field to Query
  1. Select the Analysis tab > Click Information Library > Click Add an ad-hoc query > Choose the Constituent source view. 
  2. From the left hand side, expand the Smart Fields folder. Highlight the smart field we just processed. From the middle, drag value into Include Records where. Set this to "Greater than 0" to only pull people who have given. Drag this same value into Results Fields to Display. 
  3. Click Set sort and group options, then drag Value into sort records by. Click the Z -> A button to sort the values descending. This will make the largest gift show first in your results. 
  4. Click Preview results to see your results. Click Export to Excel or Export to CSV to get this in a spread sheet. 
  5. Click Set save options to name your query. Then click Save or Save and Close. 
If you want contact information as well, find the fields you need under the constituent node and add them to Results fields to display.