This is due to a current issue in the system and the Data will need to be refreshed.

To refresh this, there are two ways to do this:

Assign a block to each Course and then remove the Block. To do this, navigate to:
  1. onRecord > Procedures > Schedule 
  2. Select the Set Section Information Tab
  3. Select your School Level and Term
  4. Next to General 04 4E and 4H in the block column where it says -Not Set-, click the editing Pencil and select the Random Block 
  5. Remove the Random Block by changing it back to -Not Set- and now the Teacher can see the Assignments and the > with the Course choices on the Calendar Menu. 

Save each Course/Section so the data is refreshed. To do this navigate to:
  1. onCampus > Procedures > Academics
  2. Select Course Sections
  3. Select the School Level and the 1st Term (you may also need to select a different Term if the Course is only offered in a future term)
  4. Expand each Department and click Manage Sections (for any course with existing sections that are not displaying on the Assignment Calendar)
  5. Click Save & Close (without making any changes)