This is due to a current issue in the system and the Data will need to be refreshed.

To refresh this, there are two ways to do this:

Assign a block to each Course and then remove the Block. To do this, navigate to:
  1. Academics > Scheduling > Requests and Schedules 
  2. Select the Set Section Information Tab
  3. Select your School Level and Term
  4. Next to General 04 4E and 4H in the block column where it says -Not Set-, click the editing Pencil and select the Random Block 
  5. Remove the Random Block by changing it back to -Not Set- and now the Teacher can see the Assignments and the > with the Course choices on the Calendar Menu. 

Save each Course/Section so the data is refreshed. To do this navigate to:
  1. Academics > Scheduling > Requests and Schedules
  2. Select Classes
  3. Select the School Level and the 1st Term (you may also need to select a different Term if the Course is only offered in a future term)
  4. Expand each Department and click Manage Sections (for any course with existing sections that are not displaying on the Assignment Calendar)
  5. Click Save & Close (without making any changes)