The most expedient way to create contacts for a list of idcodes is to assign an affiliation code to the profiles in the list and then use the built in create contact utilities to add the contact record for the selected profiles.

So the steps to follow would be:
  1. Create a new affiliation code to assign to the incoming profiles 
  2. Run the Add affiliation from exported file utility from Profiles > File Maintenance
  3. Run your favorite process that provides you with the Create Contact option. i.e. Export to Word Processing

If you have a spreadsheet with the idcodes, then make sure the first column ( or only column) contains the idcodes with the column label as idcode.  You must save the file as a tab-delimited .txt file NOT a .csv file.

If you run into errors, review I'm getting errors trying to add affiliation codes to profiles from a file using the add affiliation tool for a more detailed explanation of file set-up.

Once you have the affiliation assigned you can use various FIMS reports to create contacts.  Here are a few:
  • Run the Profile > Reports > Address listing with labels and email report and choose the create contact menu item
  • Export to Word Processing
  • User defined Export to Word Processing
  • Create a datagrid holding just these profiles and create contacts using the Processes cogwheel > Create Contact option