Scheduled Hours on Employee Record don't match the Employee Profile Report

When running the Employee Profile Report you may note that the schedule hours do not match the scheduled hours seen at the bottom of the Compensations/Deductions tab. 
Contact Support and reference this article. 

Steps to Duplicate

Part 1
1. Select Payroll > Records > Employee records
2. Open any employee record 
3. Select the Compensation/Deductions tab
4. As an example Note the scheduled hours show 20 hours; where as, if we click view schedule, it reflects 22 hours 

Part 2
1. Select Payroll
2. Select Reports > Profile and Statistical Reports > Employee Profile Report
3. Only mark the compensations/deductions to view and set the date as of desired date xx/xx/xxxx
Note: the hours reflect the same as when clicking view schedule (example 22 hours) which is correct 


 Windows 7 (64-bit)
 SQL Server 2008

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