Error: You have entered an invalid Purchase Order number - when saving invoice

When entering an invoice in Accounts Payable, there is a field called PO number. We may receive this error when entering in information saving the Invoice. This box is on invoices whether the optional module Accounts Payable : Purchase Orders is unlocked, or not in the current database. The error is only received when entering a value in this box that is not a corresponding PO number for this vendor and we have the Purchase Order module unlocked in the database.

When we have the Purchase Order module unlocked, the PO field can only contain a PO number from a saved PO for that vendor.


  1. In the Open Invoice , click the binoculars button.
  2. Click Find Now in the new window to search for the saved purchase orders
  3. Highlight the correct Purchase Order and click Open.
  4. The PO number will show in the PO number box and we can now click save to successfully save the invoice.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. In Accounts Payable, go to Records>Invoices.
  2. Open an Invoice, and in the PO number box, enter in any text.
  3. Click Save, and see the error



Note : The error will only appear if the Purchase Order Module is unlocked. If it is not locked, we will not receive this error.

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