Updates get "stuck" after processing in ConnectRE

Sometimes when processing updates from Core in the ConnectRE plugin, the updates will process, but then the constituent(s) will then reload into the plugin to be processed again.  The updates do show on the Raiser's Edge constituent record, and if you link and process the pending update again, it will show that 0 updates occurred, and may continue to reload the same constituent(s) as if there is an update to process.
This issue is sometimes caused if the login credentials saved in the ConnectRE settings have access to more than just ConnectRE (e.g. it is an actual user's credentials).  To resolve this,
  1. Create a new "Connect RE" user in Core
  2. Assign it ONLY the Connect RE Manager role
  3. Update the login credentials in the Raiser's Edge > ConnectRE > Settings (the gear icon at the top right of the plugin).
If updating the user does not resolve the issue, Click Chat with Support and reference this article.



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