Registrant List doesn't show all event registrants - when a previously canceled registrant re-registers

When a Preregistered Event Registrant cancels his or her registration, their "Attended" status changes to Canceled under the Registrant list on the event record. If the constituent re-registers for the event, a new row should appear with a new "Attended" status of No. However, if registration information is entered during the registration process, a new row may fail to be created. This only seems to happen if there are at least 2 registrants on the order, and additional registration information is entered.
If this occurs, chat with support with the following information so that Support can work with product engineers to resolve the issue:   
  • The exact steps to duplicate the issue (click by click).

Steps to Duplicate

  • Preregistered Program exists
  • Registration Information is configured on the program (at least 1 question)
  • Event is scheduled

Steps to duplicate:
  1. Click Sales > Daily Sales
  2. Add a constituent to the order (ex: John Smith)
  3. Click Scheduled Programs; search for and select the preregistered event
  4. Under "Registrants", select a price type and add the host (John) as the patron
  5. Add another row, select a price type, and leave the patron blank (unnamed guest)
  6. Save. The Registration Information screen appears
  7. Select or fill our a value for the question from the precondition for each registrant (remember the exact values)
  8. Save
  9. Add a payment and complete the order
  10. Go to Sales > Refunds
  11. Search for/open the order. When it loads, click the Refund button to initiate a full refund.
  12. When asked if you want to cancel and add tickets back to inventory, say Yes
  13. Repeat steps 1-9, making sure to select the exact same value for step 7
  14. Open the Preregistered Program > open the event
  15. Click on the Registrants tab
  16. Notice a new row isn't added 


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