Unable to add registration when an option has 16 or more registrants

A user is unable to add a registration from Daily Sales for a special event with a registration option with a count of 16 or more. The registration works immediately for a count of 15, but may fail to complete after 5+ minutes for a count of 16.
No registration option with 16 or more registrants can exist on the program. Please register 15 or less at a time.

Steps to Duplicate

  • An active Registration type exists (configure from the Events functional area)
  • The daily sales page is set up to show the "Event registrations" button (should be there by default)
  • An individual constituent exists

Steps to reproduce:
  1. From Events, add a new Special Event with a capacity of at least 20 that occurs sometime in the future.
  2. On the page for that event, click the Options tab and add a new Registration option.  Give it a type, a Name, a registration fee, and a Registration count of 16.  Save the option.
  3. Go to Daily Sales.  Select your constituent as the Patron.
  4. Click the "Event registrations..." button.
  5. Search for your Event in the Event field.
  6. Click Add on the Registrations toolbar.  The "Add a registrant" dialog appears.  The "Single Events" tab should be active.
  7. In the grid's new row, click the dropdown for "Registration option".
  8. The dropdown will display a spinning "Loading..." message.  Also, a "Loading..." box with the striped progress bar will display above the form, which is grayed out.  These messages do not go away with waiting.
  9. Reload the page or open a new browser window.
  10. Return to the Event's page and edit the registration option to only have a count of 15.
  11. Repeat steps 3-7.  Notice that the grid successfully populates with registrant rows without significant delay.


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