To create the List, navigate to:
  1. Lists > More Lists 
  2. Select List Templates
  3. In the Category dropdown Select Admissions
  4. Next to Candidate Information select View/Copy
  5. Within Select Objects, Expand Admission
  6. Select Candidate Detail
  7. Select Candidate Program
  8. Unmark Inner next to Candidate Program
  9. Select the Display Fields Tab
  10. Click Select Fields
  11. Click + to expand UserBase , Candidate , Candidate Detail
  12. Mark International
  13. Expand Candidate Program mark Short Description
  14. Click Select
  15. Select the Filters Tab
  16. Under Global Filters click the + to add a Global Filter Candidate.Entering Year any of 2017-2018
  17. Click Select
  18. Add another Global Filter and select Candidate Detail.International, select the Radio button for True 
  19. Click Select
  20. Name the List and place in a Category if desired
  21. Click Save or Save and Exit