Why are emails sent from eTapestry being sent to Spam?

There are a couple different scenarios where you may use eTapestry to send your constituents an email. If you notice that some emails are being sent to spam you can do something your end to help ensure the delivery of these emails, depending on how the email is being sent.
If some recipients report that the emails you send through eTapestry are going to their SPAM folder or not being delivered at all, your IT department or mail service provider can create a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record. This allows you specify which computers on the Internet can send an email on behalf of your domain.  Having an SPF record set up on your domain can help to prevent emails from being identified as SPAM. Please see the FAQ at the bottom of the article to learn more about sending emails in eTapestry.

If you do not have an existing SPF record, you should reach out to your IT department and/or your mail service provider.  Your SPF record for your domain should include both your own mail service as well as the IP addresses for the mass mailing service that is actually sending the email.

One-off, auto-mailing, and Basic Mass Emails
An email message sent through eTapestry (one-off, auto-mailing, confirmation emails, and Basic Mass Email) can originate from any of the IP addresses listed below. Talk to your IT department or mail service provider and request that they add these to your SPF record.

Advanced Mass Emails
These types of emails are sent through our email delivery partner, Delivra. If you use Advanced Mass Email and would like to set up SPF and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) to help prevent emails from being identified as SPAM, please contact support and reference this article ID. We will provide a customized document with instructions on how to set up these records.

Frequently Asked Questions about email delivery through eTapestry
Q: What is an email domain?
A: An email domain represents your business or organization on the internet. In most cases they will have a website associated with it, but not always. It processes your email through mail servers belonging to your organization. Your domain begins after the @ sign in your email address, for example “gmail.com” or “blackbaud.com”

Q: Aren’t the emails just being sent from my email account?
A: Not quite. When you send an email through eTapestry, you may notice that it doesn’t actually appear in your email account’s “Sent” or “Outgoing” folder. That’s because the email is being sent through eTapestry’s servers, not your domain’s servers. In the recipient’s inbox the email will appear to be coming “From” your address but the servers that send the emails don’t belong to your domain, they belong to Blackbaud.

Q: Why is email delivery impacted when they aren’t being sent from my domain?
A: There are some security settings that your recipients may have that would prevent delivery or otherwise block emails that come from a server that is not associated with the domain of the sender. To protect the recipients, email providers have published protocols which specifically tell the recipient not to open the email if it didn’t originate from their domain. You can read more about that here.

Q: Why are the steps different for Basic vs Advanced Mass Emails?
A: eTapestry partners with a third party called Delivra for its Advanced Mass Emails. This is how we can provide you enhanced delivery capabilities and reporting. Learn more about the differences in this article.

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