We can build a total Revenue Record Money in Selection KPI and use a query to pull in Membership Revenue. The only caveat is that the KPI won't include refunds, sales discounts, and if there is a split gift, the KPI includes the whole revenue amount, but this will give you a general idea of where you stand against a goal. 
  1. From Analysis, Information Library, Navigate to the KPIs tab
  2. Click Add, Expand the Revenue folder > Select Total Revenue Record Money in Selection, Click OK
  3. On the General Tab, Name the KPI
  4. On the Criteria Tab, Click the Magnifying Glass to Open the Selection Search Screen, Click Add > Ad-Hoc Query
  5. Choose the Record type of Revenue and create the query to pull in Membership Transactions
    1. On the left select Application Details. From the middle drag application to Include records where and set equal to Membership
    2. On the left expand Application Details, Select Membership Transaction. From the middle drag Transaction date to Include records where and enter the date range you would like to consider transactions from
    3. On the left expand Membership Transaction, Select Membership. From the middle drag Membership Program to Include records where and set equal to the Membership Program
    4. Navigate to the Set Save Options Tab, Name the Query, Save and Close
  6. On the Preview tab, In the As of field, select the date as of when to view the results of the value that satisfies the set parameters of the KPI and click Preview. The value that satisfies the set criteria as of the selected date appears
  7. On the Goal tab, In the Overall goal field, enter this KPI instance goal
  8. In the Good target and Satisfactory target fields, enter the amounts or select the percentages to represent in red and in yellow as warnings for under performance
  9. On the History tab, Select whether to archive all history records generated with each instance update or only a select number of recent records. These values are used to create the trend graph for the KPI instance
  10. Click Save. You return to the KPI instances page.