Vendor incorrect on Inventory report

When running the inventory report, inventory items show up under an old vendor even though the merchandise record reflects the new vendor. This may also prevent certain records from merging properly. 
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

While we are working, please follow the steps below to adjust the inventory in stock to reflect the correct vendor:
  1. Go to Merchandise > Merchandise Search 
  2. Search for your inventory item
  3. Select the dropdown arrow underneath the product SKU
  4. Click Change Inventory
  5. Mark the box to Adjust quantity, enter a negative value to reduce the inventory count to zero, add a custom Reason, and save this change
  6. Select Change inventory again, mark the box to Add inventory shipment, choose the correct cost, vendor and quantity and save 

Steps to Duplicate

Specific Steps to duplicate (sample data):
1. Go to Merchandise > Merchandise Search
2. Select merchandise
3. Select Edit merchandise under Tasks
4. Change vendor from old vendor to new vendor
5. Click Save
6. Go to Merchandise > Inventory (report)
7. Run report grouped by Vendor

Actual Results: Item appears under old vendor
Expected Results: Item should appear under new vendor


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