This can be caused by using multiple nodes in your export definition to output criteria. When using related fields, we should use the same node to output them in export definition.

Example: I'm trying to list price types and quantities of the price types purchased, but the quantity and the price types aren’t matching up correctly.​ This may be caused by using two Sales Order Item Quantity Nodes. The Incorrect way to pull these fields is shown below, the first Sales Order Item node is used to output the Quantity while a second Sales Order Item Node is used to output the Price Type Code.
User-added image
To resolve issues pulling multiple nodes, we can highlight the node that the new field should fall under in Selected Fields, and move the appropriate field to Selected Fields. To correctly pull the Price Type Code and the associated quantity purchased, we can nestle these under the same Sales Order Item Node.
User-added image
To output a field under the same node, we will follow the steps below:
  1. Highlight the desired Node in Selected Fields
    • Note: Select the Node that popped up directly above the field you would like the new  field to be added under 
  2. Move the desired field to Selected Fields, and see that it was added directly below that node
In our specific example above, we can follow he steps below to pull Quantity and Price Type Code under the same Sales Order Item node
  1. On the left highlight Sales Order Item, From the middle drag Quantity to Selected Fields
  2. Define any export criteria in the pop up
  3. Highlight Sales Order Item under selected fields on the right
  4. On the left expand Sales Order Item, Select Sales Order Item Ticket
  5. From the middle drag Price Type Code to Selected fields
  6. See that it was added under the same Sales Order Item Node.