Split Transaction totals can be seen by users even when segments are restricted by Advanced Security

When Advanced Security is being used to grant or deny access to certain entries and access has been granted to one segment of a Split Transaction, the entire Received amount of the Split Transaction will be visible in the Journal and on the Home Page of the account in the Giving Summary.
The total amount and number of segments will appear even if the user is only able to see a portion of the split transaction. The Queries and Reports that the user runs will contain accurate information for only the segments that they have security rights to view. The user will not be able to view details of the segments they do not have security rights to view, either on the Journal, Queries, or Reports.

The image below shows an example. There are three segments but only one is visible to this user. The total Received column shows the amount for all three segments.
User-added image

If you would prefer to not show the total amount of the segment, these transactions should be entered separately when possible, rather than Split Transactions.



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