How to search CRM Feature Permissions

When troubleshooting permission issues or errors, it is helpful to know which Feature Permission is needed. For example, if a user is encountering an error in Batch Entry referring to "Finder Number", an Administrator would grant the Feature Permission to use Finder Numbers (such as "Finder Number Edit Form", located at Marketing\Finder Number). However, if you know which CRM task is needed, but do not know the name of the Feature Permission to grant it, use Method 1 below.

Alternatively, ​if you do not know the name of the Feature Permission to grant, use Method 2 below.
Method 1: Find the permission by going to its Task
Find the feature in CRM you’re trying to determine the permissions for. For example, you want to add the Transaction Search feature under the Revenue tab to one of the System Roles, but you're unable to track down which permission grants it specifically.

1) Using your System Administrator account, enter Design Mode.
2) Navigate to the Page that the feature is on. (the Transaction Search feature is on the main Revenue section)
3) Right click on the feature, and select Assign permissions. (right-click on Transaction Search)
4) The name of the feature permission will be at the top of the resulting screen.
5) You can also assign it to a System Role, and then view the list of permissions that this System Role is assigned, in order to find the location of its folder.

Method 2: Search for the permission by its Description using a SQL Script
The "Assign Feature Permissions" screen does not have a search box at this time. Here are three SQL scripts that can be run to search Permissions according to its Description. The SQL script will also get the folder of the permissions, allowing quick navigation from the "Assign Feature Permissions" screen. For example, to find the permissions that involve "Finder Number", replace KEYWORD with finder number in each script and then run them. If your organization is hosted by Blackbaud, replace KEYWORD with your search term and then place a Hosting Request for Support to run the script.

1) To find a Data Form that will allow users to view, edit, or add data, run this script (replace KEYWORD with keywords to search for):
select distinct templatename FormName, Description, SECURITYUIFOLDER SecurityLocation, MODENAME formType from V_INSTALLED_DATAFORMTEMPLATECATALOG
where DESCRIPTION like '%KEYWORD%' order by modename asc

2) To find a Search form, run this script (replace KEYWORD with a keyword or phrase to search for):
select distinct Name, Description, SECURITYUIFOLDER SecurityLocation from V_INSTALLED_SEARCHLISTCATALOG
where description like '%KEYWORD%'

3) To find a Data List that will allow users to view data from lists or drop-downs, run this script (replace KEYWORD with keywords to search for):
select distinct 'Data List' as FeatureType, DL.UINAME as FeatureName, DL.DESCRIPTION as Description, DL.SECURITYUIFOLDER SecurityLocation

Steps to Duplicate

To view the list of Feature Permissions:
1) Navigate to CRM > Administration > Security> System Role
2) Click a System Role or create a new one.
3) Click the Features tab
4) Click 'Assign Feature Permissions' to view all available feature permissions.
5a) If you know which CRM task needs to be granted, but do not know the name of the Feature Permission to grant it, use Method 1.
5b) If you would like to search all available Feature Permissions, use Method 2.


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