To bulk assign contracts to Users:
  1. Go to Enrollment Management > Enrollment > Contracts > Assign contract types
  2. In the Manage Contracts channel, select Bulk Assign Contract Type
  3. Select the School Year you wish to record contracts for
  4. Click Next
  5. Select the School Year, Role - such as Candidate, Incoming Student, or Student - Grade Level, and Prior Contract Type
Note: The Entering Year may change if you select another Role so ensure you are always working on the correct School Year. The Contract Type in this area is for filtering on contracts from the previous year.  To filter on users without a contract, select No Contract for [School Year].
  1. Click Search
  2. Click Move All to move all Users over to the Added Users section
  3. Click Next
  4. Select the Contract Type that should be assigned to the Users in the Default line
  5. Manually select the Contract Type for any users that should be assigned a different contract than the Default
  6. Click Save & Exit