First, we need to determine what program needs to be added to the itinerary. 
  1. Click the hyperlink next to the yellow warning symbol
  2. Make note of program(s) listed in the Flat rate application items section. If the column under Currently applied says No - not part of an itinerary, this is the program that needs to be added. 
Next, we need to add the program to the itinerary
  1. Go back to the group sale reservation summary
  2. Click the name of your itinerary to access the itinerary calendar
  3. Click Add in the top right corner of the calendar
  4. Select either daily admission program or Scheduled event from the dropdown, depending on the program we need to add
  5. Add your program(s) to the itinerary
  6. Go back to the group sale reservation summary, the warning should be resolved.