This can be caused if one center has restrictions on the type of targets that can be contacted and the other does not. To make changes to the settings:
  1. Switch to the center that is producing the issue.
  2. Click Edit Advocacy Options under Center Actions.
  3. Numbers 11,12,13 and 14 will control what targets are available in the various categories. One setting will be for Federal, State, County and Municipal. Not all site will use Local Advocacy, so not all options may be applicable.
  4. If you want them to be limited then you can select the individual locations, but if you want constituents to be able to target any based on what address they enter then you can check the box "Allow access to all (type of rep)."
  5. Click Finish.
Once the changes are saved then users should only encounter mismatches if you have limited settings, but if no restrictions are set then users should be able to target any targets that are compatible with their address and individual alert settings.