Participant received a milestone autoresponder that isn't active

We have several placeholder milestones in our TeamRaiser Blueprint so that the child events can customize as needed. These milestones are not associated with any participation types and should not be active. One of the participants in a child event, though, received a milestone autoresponder when they hit the fundraising total for the placeholder. Why did this go out?
A participant whose preferred locale is not the same as your site's default locale (such as French Canadian if the site default locale is English Canadian) will receive milestone autoresponders when their fundraising total hits the required donation amount for a milestone, even if the milestone is not associated with any participation types. We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

To prevent these milestones from triggering for your participants, you can set the Monetary Amount Required for this Participant Milestone to be higher than the fundraising goal or than anticipated fundraising totals.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Create a TeamRaiser event
  2. Create a fundraising milestone without any associated participation types
  3. Register a participant whose preferred locale is not the same as the site default locale
  4. Make a gift to the participant that would trigger the unassociated milestone

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