Maine state tax table does not have option for Standard Deduction

In Configuration> Taxes in Payroll, some state taxes have an option for 'Standard Deduction' when highlighting 'Deductions/Exemptions'.  The state of Maine first began requiring this field for 2017 but it is not yet available on that State Tax.
This issue has been resolved with patch 18 of version 7.87.  The Standard Deduction is not yet visible in the Maine state tax tables through Configuration > Taxes, but the calculation in the back-end has been updated to include this deduction.

Steps to Duplicate

1.  In Payroll>> Configuration>> Taxes>> change drop-down from Federal to State>> New Tax
2.  Select Maine (ME) as state and click OK
3.  Highlight Deductions/Exemptions**
**Note:  There are only 2 categories: 'Allowance per exemption' and 'Low-income credit limit'
4.  Close without saving, select New Tax again for State
5.  Select North Carolina (NC) and click OK
6.  Highlight Deductions/Exemptions**
**Note: There is a category for 'Standard deduction'


 Financial Edge
 Patch 18

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