There is an extra space on second line in the AddressFinder Report

When running the AddressFinder Report there may be a leading space on the secondary line when there is c/o in line 1.

When generating the report of records updated with AddressFinder, if a record has c/o information on line 1, line 2 may have a leading space.



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  • The exact steps to duplicate the issue (click by click).
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Note: This does not update the record like this and does not impact data.

Steps to Duplicate


  • At least 100 constituents with full address information
  • Add a new constituent with address that has 2 lines in the address block; the first line begining with C/O.


C/O Finance

100 Main St

Cambridge, MA 02141

  • Save the constituent, edit the address, then Save again


C/O Finance

100 Main St #100

Cambridge, MA 02141

  • An ad-hoc Selection containing constituent above exists
  • Address Finder process exists containing the selection above in Step 1.
  • Steps 1-2  completed successfully
  • Step 3 Check file ability completed successfully 
  • Report server and reports are configured


Steps to duplicate:

  1. Log into Altru
  2. Go to Administration > Data Tune-Up
  3. Open the existing AddressFinder process
  4. Under Step 3: Get file from Blackbaud, click view report
  5. Click view report
  6. Addresses that have c/o in line one have a leading space in line 2.

If you commit the batch, the constituents record will be updated with the second line of the address block to have a space indention.



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