Not automatically logged in to Database View from NXT when hosted in Azure

When users open up the classic database view from NXT on Azure, they should be automatically logged into the database, without being prompted for a username or password. If the user is prompted for a password, and they want to set up automatic login, they first need to obtain their unique 'string' before contacting support.
  1. Log into NXT as the user
  2. Navigate to
  3. Make a note of the 'String' shown, for example: 83b7390f-6bf9-22e2-9b74-cca8df123d4d
  4. Contact support and provide this information
  5. Support will provide you with 'username'
  6. In the classic database view, navigate to 'Admin -> Security'
  7. Open your user account and paste in the 'username' you received from the support team.
  8. Tick the 'Windows Authentication' box, save the changes and log out of the database view


 This solution is for clients using the Azure servers

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