Drop down menu for transaction codes is missing - when entering distribution in WebPortal

For example, when entering a new invoice request in WebInvoicing, the transaction code is not showing up. There is also no drop down to select the table entry.
The table in The Financial Edge from which the transaction codes pull into WebPortal, Table 'Transaction code 1' 
can hold up to 100 values only. Once the table has 101 entries, they will no longer be displayed in WebPortal.

The list can be reduced by inactivating some of the entries. Alternatively, the transaction code can be added once the Web Invoice has been made into an actual invoice record in Accounts Payable.

If the first letter of the needed table entry is entered, a smaller list will appear with possible table entry values.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Log into WebInvoicing
2. Create a new invoice request
3. Enter in the distribution
4. Try to click the transaction code column but the table entries do not appear


 Financial Edge

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