Error: Value Cannot be greater than $100 - when editing a discount

When attempting to edit a discount that has been created in your Altru database you may receive the error: Value Cannot be greater than $100. This happens when the discount that you're trying to edit is over $100.
This issue has been resolved in version 4.99. All sites have been updated in February 2018. If you experience this error, please chat with support to provide the exact steps that were taken.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Create a standard discount that applies to and item(tickets)
    1. Make sure the calculation type of the discount is amount off and set the value to anything over $100
  2. After the discount is created click tickets > ticket and merchandise discounts
  3. Click the drop down arrow next to your discount and click edit
  4. Click the save button
After clicking save the error message occurs


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