As an Online Signup Manager:
  1. Navigate to Academics.
  2. Select Scheduling > Requests and Schedules.
  3. Under the Course Request box select More Actions.
  4. Select Delete Requests
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  1. Filter for the following to locate the student(s) you need to remove Course Requests for:
    • School Year (recommended)
    • School Level (recommended)
    • Request Type (optional)
    • Course (required)
    • Term (optional)
    • Status (optional)
    • Select Next 
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  1. Select the students you would like to delete requests for: 
    1. Select how you would like to Add Students (i.e. by grade level, by list, by specific student)
    2. Use the next box to select the proper option from the drop-down or search for the user, list, etc. (this will depend on what you select for the previous drop-down). 
    3. Select Add 
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  1. Once you've loaded your student(s) in the results, select Delete Requests\Recommendations to delete all requests for the course. 
  2. To only delete particular students, select the check mark on the header row to deselect all students. Then manually check the box beside each student who you would like to remove the request for this course. 
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