Missing some of the State 1099s when printing.

When choosing to only print State 1099s and Reconciliation Forms, you will receive an error if the filing state selected in your Preparer Grid does not have an applicable tax form for 1099 processing.

If there are multiple states in the Perparer Grid then the system will only Print the 1099 forms for the States that have an applicable tax form.
Confirm with a tax representative that your state has an applicable tax form. If you believe you are receiving this message in error, Contact Support and reference this article. .

Steps to Duplicate

Run the 1099 forms with a state that does not require filing.
In the W-2/1099 Preparer select the option for Print State 1099s and Reconciliation forms.
Following Error message will occur:
The chosen options do not require reports to be filed.
Please choose different filing options or exit this program.

If there are multiple states being selected and one of them are required to file the program will only print those state 1099s


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