Is there a way to bulk change receipts from Not Receipted to Do Not Receipt?

Users may want to adjust a selection of revenue records from "Not Receipted" to "Do Not Receipt".

This can be accomplished by generating a Revenue Update Batch based on a selection of revenue records.

1)    Navigate to Batch Entry > Generate Revenue Update Batch
2)    Add a new Generate Revenue Update Batch process.
3)    Fill out the form using the desired Revenue Update Batch template and selection containing the records that need to be updated.
4)    Run the process.
5)    Navigate back to Batch Entry and open the new Batch.
6)    If the field for “Do Not Receipt” is not present you may add it by clicking on Customize Fields under Configuration and adding it to the Batch.
7)    Check the box for "Do Not Receipt" for each record.
8)    Save and commit the batch.


 Blackbaud CRM

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