IDMapper value not retaining after clicking save when editing properties for a task

When editing the properties of a task, the IDMapper value does not populate and when the properties page is saved the IDMapper value is removed from the XML causing the task to no longer function.
This occurs if you edit the object after its initial creation.  This issue can be addressed by re-adding the IDMapper value before clicking save.  Check the XML to confirm the IDMapper is in place, as a cosmetic issue in the UI may prevent it from being seen.  

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to the Administration tab
2. Click Application
3. Click Shell design
4. Click the Tasks tab
5. Click Add
6. Create a new task. If you look under the Fundraising tab in CRM, there is an IDMapper Test task I have created to demonstrate the issue. You can model your task creation around that if you view the properties of it. You can also just look at the one I created to see the issue.

Note: If you use my task, I created it based on the client's task set up and they were using the APPUSER to FUNDRAISER IDMapper value. You need to have your user account linked to a constituent that is a fundraiser for the task to work when you click on it.

7. As mentioned, link your user account to a constituent that is a fundraiser and click on the IDMapper Test to see it works.
8. Go back to the Fundraising functional area and turn design mode on.
9. Right click on the IDMapper Test task and choose Properties.
10. Notice the IDMapper field is not populated and click Save. You do not have to make any changes.
11. Click on the IDMapper Test task and notice it no longer works.


 Blackbaud CRM

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