Does OLX support running in a Terminal Services environment?
Generally, yes. Online Express is compatible to run in all environments where The Raiser’s Edge is formally supported, but Blackbaud is generally not able to assist with the local configuration or troubleshooting of the Terminal Services environment to properly accommodate installing and running Online Express. Per the RE System Requirements, qualified information systems professionals and/or Microsoft support may be required to assist with such an installation.
Does OLX need to be installed for every user account on the Terminal Server?
OLX needs to be installed on any machine where the RE client application is also installed and will be used to access RE and OLX. If the Terminal Server configuration has RE installed only once and only on the Terminal Server, then this is the only machine where OLX would also need to be installed (also only one OLX installation on this machine). If the specific Terminal Server implementation has required the RE client to be installed on more than one machine, then OLX would need to be installed on each of these additional machines if the RE client instance on those machines will be expected to provide access to OLX, as well.
Does OLX work with Folder Redirection?
This is a system-level configuration that Blackbaud doesn’t specifically test for and that we don’t formally support. That is not to say that Online Express can’t run successfully in such a configuration, but rather that we don’t test for it and can’t assist with troubleshooting, environmental configuration, or setup.