Site design does not display properly after upgrading to Blackbaud NetCommunity 7.1

After upgrading to Blackbaud NetCommunity 7.1, the website design does not display as expected, including but not limited to images not displaying where they should and the page not styling correctly.
The CSS minifer was updated in Blackbaud NetCommunity 7.1 to use the Ajax compressor rather than the YUI compressor. The YUI compressor would accept syntax errors in the style sheet, such as double dots in front of a class name, whereas the Ajax compressor will not. Simply, the new Style Sheet editor has stricter syntax requirements. When incorrect syntax is added to the Style Sheet, it can prompt the site to not look as expected.

To resolve, the style sheet should be examined for syntax errors, and those errors should be fixed in order to resolve the appearance of the site design after upgrading.

This article assumes you are familiar with HTML/CSS/JavaScript and the tools used to create and modify this code. Blackbaud Customer Support may help explain where the code should live in the product, but we will not modify or assist you with modifying or troubleshooting these examples. 

If you require assistance reviewing the code, contact your account manager to discuss arranging for a Billable Service through our Design team.


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