Expiry field (Expiration Date) does not populate when downloading Recurring Gifts from Online Express

When downloading gifts, including Recurring Gift transactions from Online Express (OLX), users may see that the Expiry field for the credit card of Recurring Gifts is not listed in the batch.  This can occur when choosing the option to Use the next available batch number when downloading the transactions (both using Bulk Processing and Single Processing).  
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

In the meantime, if this information is not listed on the copy of the Acknowledgement email, please click Chat with Support and reference this article by providing the following details:
  • Donor's Last name
  • Gift Date
  • Gift Amount

Steps to Duplicate

1. Make recurring gift using Credit Card as the pay method on an OLX form
2. In OLX, under Donations, click Download Transactions
3. Confirm the Batch Options are listed as Use the next available batch number by going to Tools> Transaction Options
4. Click OK
5. Highlight the Recurring Gift and click Process Transaction
6. Open the batch created from OLX, and go to the Expiry column
7. Expiration date is not listed for the Recurring Gift

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