The error regarding the Embedded Addressee/Salutation is caused by a setting in one of the Addressee/Salutations within Config in The Raiser's Edge. To correct the problem, please do the following:
  1. Go to Config>Addressee/Salutation
  2. Right click in the field and select to Preview the Addressee/Salutation Report
  3. Review the selections of each of the Addressee/Salutation formats looking for any that contain Constituent Addr/Sal and note the number.
  4. Close the report 
  5. Navigate to the problem Addressee/Salutation and open it
  6. Delete the row that contains Constituent Addr/Sal field or replace it with something valid like First Name (using the drop down).
Example of Addressee/Salutation format causing the error: 
Constituent Addr/Sal field
  1. Click Save and Close on the Addressee/Salutation
  2. Repeat for EACH of the Addressee/Salutations that has an invalid entry