Error: Invalid program/category combination specified - when editing membership record

When editing a Dropped membership record (e.g., Rejoining or clicking the Members & Cards button), users may see the Error: Invalid program/category combination specified. This can occur when the Membership Category is not listed in Config> Memberships and adding the combination of the program and category does not clear the error.  The membership also only lists a Category without a Program and the Expires on Date is blank. 
This error can occur when the Membership Category table is marked inactive. Users can attempt the following to resolve:

1. Navigate to Configuration
2. Select Membership Categories
3. Locate the inactive category (You may need to unmark the 'Display active membership categories only' checkbox at the bottom to view inactive tables)
4. Open the category and unmark the 'Membership category is inactive' checkbox

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to Records> Memberships
2. Open membership record
2. Click the Members & Cards button
OR Go to Membership> Renew from the menu bar
​3. Error occurs

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