In NetClassroom, Customize Home, the "Show graded work as of" filter shows only assignments that meet the following:

1.  The teacher has entered a grade for that student on that assignment in FAWeb.
2.  The Show Grade date in the teacher's FAWeb Gradebook is within the range the student selected.

For example, Show graded work as of Today means that the assignment has a grade entered AND the teacher's Show Grade date for that assignment in FAWeb is today's date.  If the teacher set the Show Grade date as yesterday, then the student will not see that graded assignment in the Latest graded student work section of his NetClassroom Home page.  However, it will be visible if he clicks "see more" in the bottom right corner of that section.

If a student chooses This Week as the filter for the Latest graded student work section, she will see assignments that have a grade entered AND the Show Grade date that the teacher set in FAWeb falls within the current week.  She won't see graded assignments with a Show Grade date before the current week.  Again, she can click "see more" to view all graded assigments.

The Latest graded student work section will not show all graded assignments for a marking period that is several months long.  The longest period of time available in the filters is one month.

When students view the Latest graded student work section, the date that is visible is the Student Date Due as entered in the teacher's FAWeb gradebook.

NetClassroom Home, Lates graded assignments

The grade will still show in Latest graded student work even if the teacher does not enter a Show Assignment date in FAWeb.  However, the student cannot click the link to view the assignment details.