Invalid address record created when bulk processing a RELO update

Users report an invalid address record created for constituents in Raiser's Edge when processing constituent updates in the RELO plugin. This has been reported even when there is no address update from Luminate Online.
This issue was identified as a defect and resolved in the September 2017 release of the RELO plugin and web services. Bulk processing was improved to handle uppercase and lowercase letters on address, email, and phone number fields to avoid duplications. Please update to the latest plugin and web service version to resolve this issue.

Steps to Duplicate

Examples include updates to phone and email in Luminate but could be caused by other mapped fields.
  1. Navigate to any Luminate constituent record and update a mapped phone number
  2. Navigate to RE>RELO>Constituent Updates
  3. Locate the update and select Bulk Process
  4. Navigate to the updated RE record and open
  5. Select the Address tab> note there is now a Former Address record. There is no difference between the Former Address and new Home address.

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